Streamed Sunday Services

These services will be streamed live on our facebook page

from 10 am each Sunday, starting on 22nd March.  

You do not need to be a member of Facebook to access this page.

A catch up link will then be placed on this page.  Click on a date to view the service for that day.

  25th October     18th October     11th October      4th October


  27th September    20th September    13th September

  6th September    30th August     23rd August      16th August

  9th August    2nd August     26th July     19th July     12th July

  5th July      28th June   21st June      14th June      7th June

  31st May      24th May       17th May       10th May       3rd May

  26th April      19th April       12th April - Easter Day

  10th April - Good Friday         9th April - Maundy Thursday

  5th April       29th March        22nd March