Various Sermons - 2018

These sermons are those which are not part of any series and are taken from the Sunday services at St George’s.

Previous Years

18th March

Prayer Ministry Acts 6:1-7

David Coleman

1st April - Easter

Rob McLaren

Sarah Williams

8th April 2018

John 20:19-31

John Briggs

Christine Buckley

13th May  2018 - Ascension

Acts 1:1-11

Christine Buckley

Rob McLaren (prayer ministry service)

20th May  2018

Church Plant and Pentecost

Acts 2:1-13

Matt Guest

17th June 2018

Garry  Ion, CMS

About Garry

7th October 2018

Luke 12:13-21

Steve James

(Vicar of Holy Trinity Platt)

11th November 2018


Rob McLaren