Caring for One Another

Our teaching series and homegroup studies for the summer term will be based on “Caring for One Another - 8 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships” by Ed Welch.

The chapter numbers refer to the chapters in the book.

28th April chapters 1 and 2

Aled Seago (from Parish weekend.)      Andy Livingston     

12th May chapter 3

Aled Seago (9:30)             Aled Seago (11:00)

19th May chapter 4

Christine Buckley               Aled Seago

26th May chapter 5

Andy Livingston                 Christine Buckley

30th June chapter 6

John Briggs                      David Capener

14th July chapter 7

Jo Rodman                        Aled Seago

28th July Summary (Ephesians 4 )

Aled Seago