Finding Hope: Journeying through Advent 2020

We all know that we need to read the Word of God. We all know that we need to try and read it daily. And we all know that often we fail to do this and feel bad about it. Lent and Advent are times where we can re-focus and try new ways and start new helpful habits. This Advent Season may be the time which you can kick-start your Bible reading if it has languished, become a bit stale or just stopped.

This Advent Daily Devotion, “Finding Hope” may be just what you need. We hope that the short Bible readings “Journeying through Advent” together with a few thoughts and a prayer, will direct your hearts toward what the Lord has done for us as we head towards Christmas. We pray, above all, that it will re-invigorate your spiritual life.

Finding Hope” is the heart of the Christmas message. That our God took on flesh, came to this earth as a baby in order to redeem us. Our wonderful Kinsman-Redeemer, Jesus, who takes upon Himself all our debts, worries and burdens willingly, so we can indeed be at peace with Him and others. That really is true hope for this life and a sure hope for the future.

Our prayer is that as you follow this Advent Daily Devotional, “Finding Hope” you will grow closer to the One who is right there beside us in the muck of life willing to take on all on our behalf.

May God bless you this Advent

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