Favourite Psalms

What is your favourite psalm?  This is the season to find one , or to share one. Eddie, the brass eagle, is up front at St George’s, inviting anyone to come and read their favourite psalm.  Ask the service leader when you can read yours out loud, sometime over the next three months.  In the meantime, read the psalms in your quiet times and discover their treasures, and store them up in your heart.

The Big Picture (Rob McLaren)

Big Picture - Old Testament

Big Picture - Whole Bible & Psalm 121


Psalm 23 - David Coleman (St Martin’s transcript)

Psalm 121 - John Briggs (St Martin’s transcript)

Psalm 137 - David Alcraft (St Martin’s transcript)

Psalm 137 - Rob McLaren

Psalm 1 - David Capener

Psalm 127 Rob McLaren

Psalm 19 Rob McLaren

Homegroup Study Notes

Psalm 23

Psalm 121

Psalm 137

Understanding the context of Psalms

Psalm 1

Psalm 19