Isaiah 1-12

Isaiah Overview - Aled Seago

Isaiah 1 Who are you?               Homegroup Notes     Aled Seago                                    (3rd November 2019)

Isaiah 2-4 True Glory                Homegroup Notes   Christine Buckley       Aled Seago       (17th November 2019)

Isaiah 5 Bad Fruit                         Homegroup Notes     Andy Livingston    Aled Seago        (24th November 2019)


Isaiah 6 Called Servants of the Word     Homegroup Notes     Jo Rodman           Aled Seago         (8th December 2019)

Isaiah 7 Called to Trust the King     Homegroup Notes     Andy Livingston   Les Hutchinson    (15th December 2019)


                                                                         Aled Seago (at St Martin’s)

Isaiah 8:1-9:7 Light and Darkness  Homegroup Notes    Andy Livingston      Aled Seago        (22nd December 2019)

Isaiah 9:8-10:4 Judgment and Anger         Homegroup Notes                      Aled Seago          (12th January 2020)

Isaiah 10:5-34 Rely on the Lord    Homegroup Notes    Christine Buckley     Aled Seago     (19th January 2020)

Isaiah 11 and 12 Sing to the Lord  Homegroup Notes    David Capener    Christine Buckley (26th January 2020)


                                                                        Aled Seago (at St Martin’s)